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Last Revised: 04-12-2023

Participation Terms and Conditions

The Participation Terms and Conditions provided here refer to the relationship between the company VALICON d.o.o., Kopitarjeva 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia, which is the owner of the online Opinia.Club panel, and the Opinia.Club panel participant.


1.1. Panel name

The name of the online panel is Opinia.Club (hereinafter as Panel).

1.2. Panel manager

The owner and manager of the Opinia.club panel is the company for market consulting and research VALICON d.o.o. (hereinafter as Manager).

1.4. Legal validity

The relationship between a participant and the Manager is defined by the currently valid variant of PARTICIPATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which is always available at the Opinia.club website. In the event of a change in the content of PARTICIPATION TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the Manager shall notify the participant of the changes through one of the following methods: thorough an e-mail or a notice in the Opinia-Club app. If a participant, upon notification of the changes in the terms and conditions, does not terminate the membership in eight days, it is deemed that they have read and agreed to the changed terms and conditions.


2.1. Who can become a member

A participant in the Panel (hereinafter as Participant) can be any natural person with permanent or temporary residence in the country, where they applied for membership, who is 15 or older, and has agreed to the Participation Terms and Conditions.

2.2. Participation in the Panel

Participation is voluntary. By joining the Opinia.Club, the Participant agrees to receive invitations to participate in surveys. If they do not want to participate, they can always unsubscribe (link to unsubscribe is in the Opinia.Club app, in the personal profile, in survey invitations; they can also unsubscribe through an e-mail to the Manager, provided at the end of this document).

The Participant is aware and agrees that, after the account is deactivated, they shall have no access to the Opinia.Club points programme. All the points, collected in the account, which have not been redeemed prior to deactivation, regardless of when and for what they were collected, shall be deleted.

2.3 Opinia.Club points collection

The Participant can collect points in different ways: by participating in questionnaires, by inviting friends to join the Panel, by taking part in telephone surveys, by participating in other research like focus groups, product testing, etc. The points can be redeemed when the Manager sends a notice for a catalogue and when the Participant collects a minimum of 1000 points. The points are non-transferable. The list of rewards is provided in the catalogue, which opens to the Participant when they reach the minimum number of points (1000 points).

In the event the points were mistakenly assigned or deleted from the Participant's account, the Manager may delete or return them.

2.5. Personal information protection

Participants' personal information protection is a priority of the Manager. The Manager uses all available means and methods to provide an effective personal information protection. Everything on the collection and protection of your personal information is available at the website of Opinia.Club, the link is provided at the end of this document.

The Participant can request the information, which the Manager is using, directly from the Manager. The Participant may provide their user account with their new, updated or changed information. The Participant has access to their information through the Opinia.Club app, or their user profile available at the Opinia.Club website.

2.6. Code of conduct

The Opinia.Club Participants shall:

  • provide true, comprehensible and relevant responses in all types of surveys in which they participate
  • make sure that all the information is accurate and up to date
  • be registered with the Panel with only one user account (if another was opened by mistake, they can contact the Manager specified at the end of this document, and ask to keep one account and delete the other (along with all the points))
  • regularly participate in questionnaires, read the instructions and provide true and accurate responses, diligently provide answers to the open-ended questions
  • not try to access any services or areas of the Opinia.Club website or app that they are not authorised for
  • not post any content that is threatening, libellous, and obscene, or could break the law in any way
  • be respectful to other participants and staff they come in contact with
  • not reveal the content of questionnaires and other materials to third parties

Any violation of the abovementioned means an immediate suspension of membership and deletion of any points. The Manager reserves the right to limit or forbid the use of or access to and/or participation in any services, if the Manager discovers or suspects that the Participant has provided false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information.

2.6. Deletion from the Panel

The Manager may delete the Participant from the user database and also their points:

  • in the event of violation of provisions in Article 2.6
  • if the Participant is inactive (see Article 2.8)
  • if the Participant is irresponsible (see Article 2.9)
  • if the Participant is unavailable or the e-mail provided is no longer valid
  • if the Participant is using several user accounts in the Panel
  • if the Participant is disrespectful to other Panel Participants or the Manager

The Participant may unsubscribe from the Panel at any time (see Article 2.10).

2.7. User profile

Within the scope of the user profile we collect sociodemographic data, with which we perform the selection for invitations to a particular survey. The Participant shall regularly update the user profile information. All Participants can access their user profiles through the Personal profile link, which is available in the app, or through the user profile at the Opinia.Club website.

2.8. Inactive Participant

Each Participant shall receive several invitations to surveys in a given year. In the event the Participant does not respond to the majority of invitations, they are deemed inactive. The Manager reserves the right to delete such a user profile.

2.9. Irresponsible Participant

The Participant is deemed irresponsible, if:

  • they enable access of their user account to third persons, or they invite (recruit) persons with fake e-mails
  • they misuse their membership in the Panel, or use it to any inappropriate ends, for example to pretend to be someone else to collect points
  • they provide false, nonsensical and irrelevant responses in questionnaires, do not regularly inform the Manager of the changes in their user profile information
  • they reveal the content of questionnaires to third parties (if they publically reveal or post the contents of a questionnaire or other materials)

The Manager reserves the right to delete the user profile of an irresponsible Participant along with all the points earned.

2.10. Termination of membership in the Panel

In the event the Participant does not want to participate in the surveys, they can always terminate their membership (via the link available in the Opinia.Club, in the personal profile, in invitations to surveys, or via an e-mail provided at the end of this document). The Manager shall anonymise all the collected data, except data on payments of rewards, which have to be archived for tax purposes.


3.1. Types of surveys

Every Participant can participate in other types of surveys, such as telephone questionnaires, focus groups, in-depth interviews, product testing, etc. Participation in other research is voluntary and has no impact on the membership in the Panel.

3.2. Invitation to a survey

Each Participant shall be invited to participate through an e-mail or a notification through the app.

The type and number of invitations, received by the Participant, shall depend on their user information and the number of currently active surveys.

3.3. Data confidentiality

The Participant agrees that all the information regarding research, projects, research founders, questionnaires or other research activities of the Manager, which they shall acquire during the research, shall be kept confidential and not be revealed to third parties.

3.4 Protection of information

The website or the Opinia.Club app collect the sign-up and other personal information about their Participants. For any further information about collection, protection, use, and disclosure of said information at Opinia.Club, see Privacy policy in the link at the end of this document.


4.1. Right to reward

The Opinia.Club online Panel offers points for participation in surveys, as well as for invitation of friends to join the Opinia.Club online Panel. Surveys bring different number of points, depending on their complexity and time, required for completion.

If the Participant does not meet the required survey conditions, the questionnaire shall conclude after a few initial questions. In such cases the Participant shall not receive any points unless specified otherwise in the invitation.

The Participant can redeem their points, when they reach a minimum of 1000 points. The method shall be provident through the app or e-mail.

4.2. Tax liabilities

The Manager and Participant are responsible for paying all taxes and other obligations and reporting income from the title of the paid award, as derived from the applicable regulations in every country.

The Manager, on the basis of local tax laws, is required to report income the Participant has received through points, acquired in the surveys. The Manager shall provide the Participant or the relevant tax authority with information regarding all the payments that the Participant received by participating in the surveys. The Participant is obligated to provide the Manager all the required information in order to help complete all the reports or payments. All of the above is exclusively the responsibility of the Participant, while the Manager is not obligated to provide guidelines or advice; we appeal to the Participant to acquire more relevant information from the local tax authority.


The Participant and the Manager shall settle all disagreements, arising from this agreement, in an amicable way. If this should not be possible, the matter will be settled by the local competent court.


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